The fast extraction technique of pesticide residues in agricultural products.
Taiwan TACTRI research this technique GET was authorized to develop this product.
  • Provide faster processing method with less chemical solvents.
  • Cut at lease 60% of labor cost.
  • Easier extraction, less instruments.
  • Reduce processing lab waste.
GETECH Lab Auto Supervisor Solution
  • Save more than 80% inspection process and labor costs.
  • Shorter than 80% of inspection time and report output.
  • Decrease by 95% or more of man-made test and data copy error ratio.


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GETECH Funded in 1999
In the recent 20 years, we have agents acting several well-known brands, such as the United State's Agilent, Canada's EXFO, the Netherland's PHILIPS, Germany's Gerstel, the United State's Fluke, Switzerland's VICI.
We establish of R&D center to create our own brand, committed to the overall IT solutions, and the factory exclusive production Fa@Ex pesticide and veterinary drug extraction. GETECH adheres to the belief of "Excellent Service Quality", "Professional Technical Capabilities", and takes "Faith, Commitment, Innovation and Customer Trust" as the central idea unceasing to bring the most valuable services to customers and partners.

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